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Monday 28 April 2014

Artist Spotlight - Scott Ivey

He started out playing youth groups with his high school band...

"Straight up rock... That's what we were." Remembers Scott.

"We had a lot of fun with a lot of volume... We went from youth groups to bars to clubs to showcases to festivals... etc. The Robert Barnes Band was a good time, but it wasn't really 'about' anything."

The search for deeper meaning eventually led to a band break up, but Scott continued on... His solo effort, "Come Back", became popular with a wide variety of fans, but never gained any real traction.

In the midst of becoming a dad twice over, Scott decided to pack up his performance hat and go another route. "I felt like, and I still believe, that God was calling me. When I got the call to move to California, we were beside ourselves..."

Scott became a worship pastor at Bayside Church in Roseville California, and after a few years of exciting ministry, ended up settling down in Texas.

"I look at these past several years as much more than leading music. My family and I were able to be used across the country and back again... I learned more about who I am and who God says I am, and I know that it was all planned out for us." After moving to Texas, Scott and Alison had their third child. When it came time to make some tough life decisions, they decided to trust God with the direction they felt Him leading.

He packed up his family once more, moved from Houston to San Antonio, and is now the Worship Pastor for Crosspoint Fellowship Church in Schertz, TX.

"Worship is my passion, and I'm very excited about this EP that I'll be releasing soon" says Scott.

The four song EP entitled "Sound of Hope" is just the first installment of a bigger worship project that has been in the works for several years. Scott intends to do so much more with this project than just spread new worship music around.

"God has given me so many experiences to pull from; His grace and mercy... His patience with me... His gifts, His challenges, His love, His promises, and His hope. This album is just an attempt to respond. I want that response to be worship, and I would hope that others might be touched through the music as well."

The date for the official EP release is not until July 25th, 2014, but there is a good reason for the wait!! Scott is now in partnership with Compassion International, and is trying to spread the “sound of hope” all around the world! Please visit, and find out more at www.soundofhopeproject.com.

For even more on Scott and his ministry, please like him on Facebook @scottiveymusic and Follow on Twitter @scottiveymusic. Find out more at www.soundofhopeproject.com.

For more, previously released Scott Ivey music visit iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/scott-ivey/id39968680

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