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Thursday 12 December 2013

Artist Spotlight - Deborah Glenister

Deborah Glenister is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist who had the vision to branch out into jazz after A levels, completing a BA hons degree in Jazz studies at Leeds College of music in 2005. Her study of jazz not only allowed her to play jazz and popular music, it changed the way she viewed Music and helped her unleash her creativity.

Deborah is a committed Christian who always had a heart for playing music to bless her local congregation. The study of jazz with vocals allowed her to understand the relationship between vocals and saxophone in the music. What she found was that in most cases the music was better enhanced by the saxophone playing fills during the gaps and the long notes or playing a harmony line rather than doubling the melody. During worship time she experimented with this on flute and saxophone, which was much appreciated by the congregation as she found certain fills could bring to life the words being sung.

Her creativity didn't end with playing fills to enhance the music other people had written. In 2011 she had a strong feeling that God wanted her to use her creativity to write more worship songs to add to the 5 she'd already composed, to create an album for Him. She followed this vision, being fortunate enough to enlist her friend, vocalist Amy Sinha, to sing lead vocals, while Deborah played to her strengths by adding saxophones, clarinet and flute to the mix. Her band Back to the Beat provided the rhythm. The musical styles on the album range from pop to rock to blues to swing to calypso to rhumba but the glue that holds it all together is the theme of Jesus' love for us. It is her prayer that the songs on the album will support and encourage faith in an uplifting way as she feels God uplifting her through the songs when she listens to them.

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