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Monday 13 October 2014

Artist Spotlight - Jo Le Page

Jo Le Page had a very early interest in music and songwriting. From the age of three Jo would make up songs and record herself on a tape recorder to listen to later! As the years went on Jo continued to do the same, which proved useful when by the next day it was sometimes hard to remember the tune she had come up with the day before!

Jo was adopted as a baby and raised in a Christian home. At the age of eighteen she really questioned for herself what her faith really meant to her. After all she could have been adopted by a family of any religion and followed that without question. What made this real and her own? Jo thought these things through over time, and during a mild rebellion period she decided for herself that the reality of God was undeniable, and regardless of her upbringing and even regardless of other Christians she wanted to follow Him and proudly call herself a Christian.

Christian music has always been a favourite for Jo. Often lyrics would stay in her mind much easier than sermons and the powerful words would stick in her mind and be such a blessing to her. Jo hopes that her music can communicate to others the same way.

After writing some contemporary Christian songs and praise and worship, Jo soon realised that writing praise and worship choruses was the area that she was moving into. Jo leads worship with her husband Peter in a small church in Guernsey.

Jo has featured in two compilation cds by dB studios but for years has strived to find somewhere to record a collection of her own songs. After an interview on cross rhythms radio she was put in touch with Andy Baker of Resound Media.

‘The Message of the Cross’ is Jo’s debut EP. A few songs from this EP can be heard on her worship the rock page. The EP can be bought for just £3 plus p&p and any additional donations towards her EP’s will be donated to The A21 Campaign.

Jo is hoping to be able to minister in local churches in Guernsey and hopes to branch further afield in the future too.

Her heart is for the words of these songs to really move people into worship and speak to their heart. She is not wanting to be a performer or get a pat on the back but to be an instrument to turn the attention of the congregation off her and onto the one the songs are about.

For further information check out: www.worshiptherock.com/profile/JoLePage
Or contact info@lepage.co.uk

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