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Friday 9 December 2011

Digital Worship Song Library - Prefilled with 2,200+ Worship Songs!

It's the 21st century yet many of us still continue to haul bulky, hardback song books around with us when leading worship. Why is that? I would suspect it is because it's such a hassle to try to scan, type up, or download all of the songs that you are likely to want to use. Even if you have your set list on your computer what if you want to use a different song? Worship song books are a bit like a lifeline to the worship musician!

As many of you know, there's a fantastic piece of software called Power Music, which allows you to manage your song collection in a very organised way. It has a fantastic search facility as well as numerous other useful features such as playlists, key changes at the click of a button and loads more.

The only frustration I've had with Power Music is getting my song sheets either from physical songbooks, or from MS Word and PDF files on my computer, into the database. Fortunately Power Music has a clever way of importing PDF files so all of my Soul Survivor songbooks which have CDs at the back with PDF files on them meant I could easily and quickly select which ones to import.

Even having imported lots of my favourite songs there were still many more which I wanted to have all in one place - i.e. within Power Music. Good news! Cambron Software has teamed up with Kevin Mayhew Publishers (who have the rights to all of the songs in The Source worship collection) and you can now buy Power Music pre populated with over 2,200 worship songs! (For a full list of the songs go here).

As you'd expect, all of these songs are easily searchable by either first line or song title and you can either use the sheet music or the chord sheets. As previously mentioned you can transpose chord sheets at the click of a button and there's a whole host of other helpful features too.

What's more is you're not limited to the 2,000+ songs that are pre-populated - you can go ahead and import more, or write them from scratch (for example if you write your own worship songs).

This is what every worship musician has probably been dreaming about for some time and it's been put together and made available to anyone in the world!

As Kevin Mayhew publishers are UK based the price of the product is in pounds - the total cost is £295. Now you might be thinking this is a lot of money but it actually works out that you get about 8 songs for 1pence! (The equivalent of £295 in US dollars is about $463).

If you'd like to download a free demo of 'The Digital Sheet Music System - Worship Edition' you can go to this page and click the Sample tab.

One other thing worth mentioning is that the price is actually very competitive if you were considering purchasing this for your worship team - the price of 4 additional licenses is only £65! That therefore works out at 295 + 65 = £360 for a worship team of 5 people - that's less than a pound a day for your worship team!

Finally it is worth mentioning that the Kevin Mayhew Digital Sheet Music System is based on Power Music 3. Power Music 4 has recently been released with new features and an option to import songs directly from the Kevin Mayhew Digital Sheet Music System and the good news is you can upgrade for the small amount of £19.99.


  1. Agree this is a great resource - but think your maths may be a bit out? If we say 2950 songs for £295 to keep it simple, I make it each song is about 10p rather than 8 songs for 1 pence!! But many thanks for the post - this is a great new development, and gives us digital access to music on laptops - with a great search engine too! I do hope some of the other publishers will also make their copyrights available in this way!

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