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Thursday 26 November 2009

Worship Central Podcast

I've not tuned in to the Worship Central podcast for quite some time now but today I finally found some time to listen to it. If you're a worship leader and haven't checked out the Worship Central podcast before it's well worth a listen.

Worship Central is a school of worship from Alpha International. Tim Hughes, Al Gordon and Ben Cantelon are the guys that run Worship Central and the events they run are great fun and very useful for worship leaders. I've been to a couple of the Worship Central events in London and met up with Tim Huges and Al Gordon at one of them. They're really down to earth guys and have a true gift for leading worship (Ben Cantelon has either just recently joined thew Worship Central team or will be very soon).

So, back to the Worship Central podcast! The monthly podcast is normally about 30 minutes long and has a variety of resources on it for the worship leader, as well as a good measure of fun banter to keep the listener interested and laughing lots (which can be embarassing when listening on a train journey!). Tim Hughes and Al Gordon normally use the podcast to share news of any upcoming Worship Central events (both here in the UK and around the world), as well as showcase a new worship song (and you can always download the chords for the new worship song from the Worship Central website). They often have guest speakers on the Podcast too - they range from well known theoloians talking about the importance of theology in worship songs, to well known worship leaders like Brian Doerksen for example. The practical tips on the November 09 Worship Central podcast that I listened to were about how to put together a worship set list.

If you're a worship leader and enjoy listening to podcasts on your iPhone or just on iTunes on your laptop or PC then be sure to check out the Worship Central podcast here.


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  2. Hi, thanks for sharing the Worship Central Podcast. This can be another resource I can download in iTunes.

    I usually listen to How To Write A Song Podcast in iTunes. This would be great as I love worship and singing and God :-)

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