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Wednesday 29 April 2015

Artist Spotlight - InDri McNeal / Renewed Praise

Welcome to our Artist Spotlight email where we focus on one (or in this case, two!) of our members and find out about their songs.
Spinning primarily out of the local church choir vocal talent base of Oakland Baptist Church of Alexandria, Virginia, Vocalists Michelle Hogan and InDria McNeal formed their own assemble; hoping to take advantage of their combined talent, energy, and charisma to create an overall worship experience for audiences across the country.
Michelle Burks Hogan & InDria McNeal are worship leaders, psalmists, songwriters, vocal arrangers who as a rule, value Christ, friendship and positive energy in practice and on stage. With each new practice, concert, and worship experience, they strive to lift up Jesus Christ through teaching, praise and worship in the State of Virginia, the DC Metro area, and beyond.
The debut album, The Master’s Touch features a broad spectrum of gospel music, from the soulful “God Can Bless You” and “I've Been Renewed” to the driving, uplifting praises of "Rejoice" and “My Everything”. Local media has said Renewed Praise has “catchy vocal melodies, awesome harmony and hard hitting beats” and the group is “a harmonious, fun and entertaining trio that’s clearly on the rise.”
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