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Monday 12 January 2015

Artist Spotlight - Caleb Shepard

My heart for worship started at a young age when I was attending a small Baptist church at 7 years old. I was invited to stand up front and lead the hymn. As I waved my finger something in me knew I wanted to be a worship leader even though I had never heard the term before. In fact, very few people had. A short time later I took my first guitar lesson. After the first lesson I wrote my first worship song. A few years later I met a Korean youth pastor who handed a notebook with chords to the songs he sang in church. I would play them every day just to enjoy the presence of God that came from praising.
Now years later after spending many years in many countries, as a missionary leading worship and writing songs, attending and teaching at many schools and training conferences trying to find a deeper walk with God, though powerful there was something that began to feel missed. I have found myself in a place where everything has either been ripped or taken away. This has caused me to return to the place that I remembered as a child and rediscovered the power of just raw and unadulterated worship. This is the type of worship that just jumps out in the best of times and flows out as tears in the worst. The faithfulness God has always shown is expressed in me by songs. These expressions have grown into a desire to share with others who can relate and together lift up each other and just worship the name of the Lord.

The Spirit and the Bride Say Come

Black and White Praise's new album, The Spirit and the Bride Say Come, is a compilation of powerful songs that will take you from jumping and dancing to on your knees in worship. The Spirit and the Bride Say Come will bring to new light the joy and strength of the Christian's walk with Christ.

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