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Friday 21 November 2014

Artist Spotlight - Andy Maples

I grew up in Knoxville, TN., where I attended Inskip Elementary School for 8 years, and Central High School for one year. I played drums in the marching band. My parents sent me away to Ben Lippen School in Asheville NC for my high school years. I graduated in 1973. Ben Lippen School is a Christian Prep School that helped me developed the spiritual habits of prayer and Bible study. One of the smartest things I ever did was to set a specific time aside daily and commit that time to the Lord for prayer and Bible Study, a habit that I still keep to this day. It was also at this school that I began playing guitar and writing songs. Playing guitar came almost as naturally to me as breathing, while the songwriting craft took a much longer time to develop.

As to my testimony of coming to Christ, I had my salvation experience when I was young at a Family Camp in Marion, NC, under the ministry of Robertson McQuilken. It was called Missionary Plantation. Since I was so deeply involved in sports, music never crossed my mind before I was saved. My first spiritual awakening beyond my salvation experience occurred at Ben Lippen School, when I discovered that I could learn to relate to God through Bible study and prayer.

During the late 1980s, while I was working in Atlanta GA and attending the North Atlanta Bible Church, I discovered that I had certain gifts that could be used in full time ministry. After spending a good deal of time receiving counseling from the elders of the church, I decided to pursue opportunities of full time ministry. In 1990, an invitation to become a full time member of the missionary staff of New Life Bible Camp was offered to me. It was a “raise your own support” position. That was almost 25 years ago. The Lord has provided for all my needs and giving me far beyond that I could even ask for. My responsibilities at camp include leading worship, speaking during the evening meetings of summer camp, developing the summer camp small group Bible Studies, and finding way to use my musical abilities to minister to the many small churches in our area in Buffalo Mills, PA.

My musical ministry is really more about the camping ministry than it is about a musical career. My first obligation is to serve the Lord at camp, which often means I have to do others things besides music. I have recorded 9 projects that contain all original Christian themed songs. I am deeply passionate about worshipping with people of like faith in Christ. I am the worship leader of New Life Bible Camp for both retreats and the summer camping programs.

My deepest hope and abiding desire is that I might one learn to write great and powerful songs like the hymn writers of old, songs that speak truth about who God is and who He can be within us.

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