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Thursday 28 November 2013

Artist Spotlight - Kathie Phillips

Kathie Phillips, writer/worship leader, wrote her first song five years ago and has completed two CD projects. She has always loved worshiping and feels it is the most intimate moment where we exchange “our” stuff for God's love and presence. She had never thought about writing and producing her own music.

She is the wife of Pastor Joel Phillips at Escondido Christian Center and mother of four. After a few hurtful situations, in her personal worship time she started to sing, “You are faithful,” which became her first song. The Lord continued to give Kathie numerous songs, which she has taught to her choir and congregation. Her songs through the two CD projects, “You are Faithful,” and “Songs from the Center,” have been translated into Spanish and Portuguese, which have been blessing people in Brazil, Paraguay, and Africa.

Kathie's influences include Papa Morris Chapman, Caleb Collins, Stan Endicot, Elizabeth Goodine, Second Chapter of Acts, and publisher Mark McClure.

Kathie Phillips on iTunes

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