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Wednesday 24 June 2015

Artist Spotlight - David Ashley

It makes sense that David Ashley creates music that doesn’t quite fit within the bounds of the contemporary Christian genre.  Influenced by the Gospel, the South, and the sounds of blues, jazz, and pop music, the soulful singer/songwriter has been successful in crafting a body of work that is being praised by a growing number of music enthusiasts: contemporary Christian fans who desire musical evolution, and gospel music fans who crave a new medium for the timeless message.  Over the past six years, David has had numerous opportunities to hone his sound, having shared his original music with over 250 churches in 21 states.

The rich texture of Ashley’s voice coupled with his tendency to compose blues-infused melodies might cause the listener to assume that 70’s soul and southern rock were his only influences. Then, without apology, David can deliver a softer, more subtle creation of music and words reflective of the acoustic singer/songwriter genre that inspired him to pick up a guitar in the first place.  This is the type of cohesive variety you find on Ashley’s latest album, Heart Of Stone.

 Growing up in Meridianville, Alabama, the self-taught guitarist was known to spend countless hours every day deciphering classic rock riffs and learning to mimic the guitar players that defined an era.  Even though his talent developed quickly, Ashley shied away from performing in public throughout his teenage years.  While studying at the University of Tennessee, he began to write songs and tried his hand at singing, eventually sharing his talent with local audiences.  Following graduation, Ashley took a sales job in Nashville, where the inviting stages of local open mic nights and the encouragement of several friends inspired him to leave his job and pursue music full-time.  “It was definitely a leap of faith for me.  I didn’t know what a career in music looked like or where to begin.  I only knew that music was a powerful tool, and so I made a commitment to honor God in my songwriting and my performances,” Ashley says.

Five years later, Ashley is humbled by how God has blessed his career.  Most weekends, Ashley can be found sharing his original music in concert and serving as the guest worship leader at churches across the country, his calendar regularly booked with youth retreats, church camps, and music festivals.  He is currently promoting Heart Of Stone, his fourth independent studio album, a follow-up to his previous albums It’s About Time, Growin’ Up, and Character Appreciation.

Ashley’s unmistakable talent as a songwriter and his unwavering belief in the message of his music are the driving forces behind his success.  The once-shy songwriter now admits to a new reality.  “These days, I actually feel most at home in front of a live audience.  I have a peace and confidence that comes from knowing this is exactly where God wants me to be, and I couldn’t happier.”

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