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Thursday 12 November 2009

Steven Curtis Chapman - Cinderella

Steven Curtis Chapman has written some great songs over the last 20 years (as well as some cheesy ones!). Cinderella is about seizing those moments with precious loved ones. You can listen to the song below:

There's a great story behind Cinderella too - you can watch the official music video and the story behind it here.


  1. There is more news on this subject. Last year in May, shortly after writing this song, Steven's 5 year old daughter Maria-Sue was run over and he had a tough time struggling with her death while simultaneously performing this song.

    Well, since then he has now released a NEW album "Beauty Will Rise" which you can listen to on Spotify or purchase in Christian bookshops. You can hear the stories of hope and faith in the face of despair coming out through the songs.

  2. Hi Seth,

    Yes it's a sad story. I was actually listening to 'Beauty Will Rise' on Steven's website yesterday, and was in tears (again) about it...

    You can listen to the new songs on his website too: