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Saturday 3 October 2009

Before The First (So Glorious) - Kieran Metcalfe

Sometimes i'm blown away by the creative talent I come across. When I heard "Before The First" it was one of those occasions. Kieran Metcalfe is a member on Worship The Rock and quite a while back he uploaded one of the songs he has written called Before The First, otherwise known as So Glorious.

I think everything about the song is fantastic - the melody, the lyrics and the passion with which it's sung.

If you haven't heard it yet then either go to Kieran Metcalfe's page on Worship The Rock or surf on over to RESOUNDworship where you can not only download the MP3 for free, but you can also get the chord sheets and sheet music all at no charge!

The lyrics are as follows:

Before the first, beyond the last,
the ever-reigning one;
age to age, the one who was,
the one who is and is to come, oh Lord.

So glorious, you are so glorious.
Living, eternal one, you are so glorious.

You hung the stars, rolled out the skies
and set the earth in place.
All the works your hand has made
reflect your glory, sing your praise, oh Lord.

So glorious, you are so glorious.
Maker of heaven and earth, you are so glorious.

Who can meet your gaze,
bear to see your face,
stand before you in the holiest place, the holiest place?

Yet here we stand, amazed by grace,
for, by the light of your Son,
lost are found, the weak made strong
and broken hearts rejoice as one, and sing:

So glorious, you are so glorious.
Living, eternal one, maker of heaven and earth,
treasure of infinite worth,
you are so glorious.

Words & Music © Kieran Metcalfe / RESOUNDworship.org, Administered by The Jubilate Group
4 Thorne Park Road, Torquay TQ2 6RX, UK copyrightmanager@jubilate.co.uk

If you have used this song in your churches then please leave a comment below and be sure to drop Kieran a comment too!

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