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Thursday 8 October 2015

Artist Spotlight - Ryan Beadle

Ryan was born with a rare medical condition called the Velo Facial Cardio Syndrome. The doctor's gave him just a young age to live and if he did live into his adult years that he would have a very difficult life. They told him that he would never finish school, never be able to drive a car, play sports, play music, basically, not live a normal life.

While life has been very difficult (Jesus never promised us an easy life but he has promised that he will give us peace and is always with us) God has blessed Ryan with quite a normal life besides the many medical complications. Ryan passed school, can drive a car, can play sports and God has blessed him with a natural musical talent. Not only that, God has given Ryan a very positive outlook on life and a great sense of humor. He always enjoys making people laugh. Ryan vowed at a young age that no matter how tough life would get, that he would keep on fighting and not give up, with God's help.

Ryan grew up in a very musical family where someone was always practicing an instrument or listening to music. His parent's put him in piano lessons for his elementary school years and then at 12yrs old Ryan found the guitar and has not looked back since. He spends hours and hours practicing the guitar. Having studied the guitar under many great guitarists, Ryan has won numerous music camp awards, been able to travel and perform around North America and to the Dominican Republic. He has performed in front of thousands of people throughout his life, sharing the gospel and love of Jesus Christ through music and testimony. He also helps lead worship at his church he attends. Ryan can play guitar, drums, piano and sing. He teaches music lessons full time.

When Ryan is not busy with musical activities, you can find him playing and watch sports, exercising, hiking in the beautiful Canadian Rocky Mountains, camping, swimming, fishing, cooking, playing games, reading books, watching movies, being involved at his church while goofing off with friends/family and enjoying life to the full.

God has been able to use Ryan in many ways to bringing people closer to God through his music and his personality. Ryan's favorite Bible verse is Philippians 4:13 'I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.'

No matter where you are in life these days. Even if you don't believe in God, give Him a chance. He is a very loving God and wants to have a friendship with you that you have never had before.

God bless you!

Website:  http://rybeadle.com/
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/RyBeadle/timeline/?ref=profile
Twitter:  @Rybeadle

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