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Wednesday 18 February 2015

Artist Spotlight - Gabe Jones (3rd Place in WTR Song Contest)

Gabriel attended Rodney Howard Browne’s River School of Worship from 2013-2014 where he developed his writing and worship leading passions that he embraced when he was a young child. At the age of 10 he wrote his first song, from there he began to write and record his own soundtracks and music albums. Being an active member and leader of his home church’s worship team he began to write songs for church productions and worship services; songs such as “I Wanna Love” and “Im Not There” came to fruition, as well as over 150 other original works. Now 19 years old Gabriel continues to pursue his calling of making an impact on the world as an artist and with his music as he continues to worship, write, and perform.


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