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Saturday 7 February 2015

Artist Spotlight - Christian Tristan & Gideon Roberts - Renevus (2nd & 7th in 2014 WTR Song Contest)

Forming in 2012, Indie-rock worship band Renevus quickly gathered fans in the San Antonio area, expanding through Central Texas and beyond, becoming easily accessible to a wide audience of heavily engaged followers through social media channels such as Twitter, YouTube, Spotify, and iTunes. “Renevus,” meaning rebirth or remarked, illustrates a new identity in Christ (2 Cor 5:17). Renevus is known for their artfully crafted orchestral accompaniments and passionate lyrics, leading to frequent performance requests from local churches, youth camps, and more.

The band has performed with artists such as Sixteen Cities, Satellites and Sirens, Rapture Ruckus, Manafest, KJ-52, Ryan Proudfoot, Matt Adler, and more. The group’s most notable project was its last EP, “We Will Rise,” which released in the summer of 2014, along with the album’s single bearing the same. Half the sales of the single “We Will Rise” (2013) go to Feed My Starving Children. Other projects include a self-produced single and EP, “Better Place Now” and “Rejuvenation.

With much more on the horizon, Renevus continues to write songs with the intent of responding to God and to all he has done with music that listeners can connect with.


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