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Wednesday 4 November 2009

Worship Leader Jobs - Find & Post Worship Jobs

A few months ago we launched our Worship Leader Jobs board. This is a place to find church jobs such as worship pastor, worship leader, worship director, music director, music minister etc.

We've had some good feedback from churches that have posted jobs on the board - i.e. they've found suitable applicants quickly by posting there.

The Worship Leader Jobs board is helpful to two groups of people:

1) Churches looking for a worship leader - We've recently extended the listings from 30 day listings to 60 day listings, and we've kept the price exactly the same. This means for $50 (approx £30) you can post a worship pastor job vacancy which will remain up for 60 days. We also allow free job listings if you're advertising a voluntary position.

2) Worship Leaders looking for a new job - This job board is really useful for worship leaders from any country who are looking for a new position. As we're still gaining momentum there aren't lots of jobs on the board, but we're confident that this job website will grow rapidly.

When you post a job on the Worship Leader Jobs board your advert will appear in a number of other highly visible places:

1) Worship The Rock - The most popular online network of worship leaders (over 5000 signed up members)

2) He Must Increase - The network for UK worship leaders

3) Daily Worship Blog - The Worship The Rock daily worship blog attracts thousands of worship leader visitors each month

If you still need more proof that this is a good place to advertise your worship leader jobs just do a Google search for 'Worship Leader Jobs' and you'll find the Worship Leader Jobs board near the top (currently 4th position). You'll also find a few other Google listings under that search term that feature our jobs board on them - for example "Worship Leader Jobs - He Must Increase" and "Worship Leader Jobs - Worship The Rock". You can also search for 'Worship Pastor Jobs' and 'Worship Jobs' on Google and you'll find similar results.

Finally, if you know of a worship position in your church or another church that will be becoming vacant soon please let your church secretary know about this resource which I think they'll agree is great value for money.

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