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Monday, 16 November 2009

Winners of "Worship Moment" Photo Competition

We had some great entries for the Worship The Rock Power Music competition. Most of them were submitted on the day of the deadline (Friday 13th) - I guess most of our creative members just like leaving things to the last minute!

It was difficult to pick my favourite three but i've finally come to a decision. Thanks for all your entries - here are the winners:

1) Russ Hutto

"One of my favorite "recurring" worship moments is when I get to play drums. As a worship leader, I typically play keys or guitar and sing. But there's something so liberating and fun about playing drums for me. It's like I don't have to worry about vocal cues and make any decisions (when we're actually playing). I just lay it down. Here's a specific moment captured by one of my good photographer friends. Not exactly sure which song we were playing, but I was definitely into it!"

2) Diane Luna

"Me playing at an outdoor street outreach in southeast San Diego. There were tons of people break dancing on refrigerator boxes in the street during the band right before me. Note the guys playing football in the photo..."

"Ok, here's our entry. I lead worship both for our Sunday services as well as a once-a-month youth worship night called Elevation. My 3-year-old son Miro got a Squier Strat for his birthday and joined the band in practice... 'Nuff said! :D "

ongratulations to Russ, Diane and Petri - they all win a copy of Power Music.


  1. Awesome Pictures! Thanks for sharing guys!

  2. Yep - I especially love the 3 year old tuning his strat - so cute!

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