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Sunday 8 November 2009

Performance vs Worship Leading?

Performance in worship is a popular point of discussion amongst worship leaders. Some would ask: Is it possible to "perform" while leading worship? Others would say: Is it possible to NOT perform while leading worship?

There have been numerous discussions around this topic on Worship The Rock and on He Must Increase and there are good arguments for both sides.

In this short video clip Paul Baloche talks about performance in worship and how worship leaders should handle this aspect of worship.

Key Takeaways:

- Performance IS involved in leading worship
- Posture/condtion of your heart is very important
- Better "felt" than 'telt'!
- Need to deflect attention to the Lord
- Our responsibility to cultivate our heart
- Important to cultivate our gift too.
- Practice your instrument, use vocal resources etc
- Think about the words, and sing with emotion
- God is the audience
- Don't be putting on a show, but do smile and tell yourself to 'bless the Lord', 'worship the Lord with gladness', even if you feel "bummed out"! (Like the psalmist does)
- Sing in private to the Lord through the week, so when in public it's a continuation


  1. Well Said, Thanks for sharing. Too many times, we forget the Creator of the Universe is in the room.

  2. I agree! One issue, I find is that some congregations (not all) seem to feel that it's a performance and that worship leaders are not there to perform for them but for Him.