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Wednesday 18 November 2009

10 Things I Don't Like About Worship Music!

We recently had a discussion on Worship The Rock about worship music and the things we don't like about it! It was intended to be a light hearted look at so called "worship music" but ended up being a place to vent frustrations too. I've pulled out 10 of the "shorter" comments for you to browse through.

10 Things I Don't Like About Worship Music:

1) When it's really not worship music at all and titled as such!

Major rock style interludes, especially on 'upbeat, contemporary' arrangements of hymns. I picture Animal from Sesame Street doing his drum solos. Just doesn't work.

When the same old words and phrases get used over and over.

When the same worship songs get "recycled" and recorded by every worship singer and his brother. (When "Here I Am To Worship" (great song!) first came out, I heard four different "artist renderings" in one afternoon on a Christian radio station.)

5) A lack of musical creativity. I tire of playing the same chord progressions over and over and over and over.

Time limits! Or that worship is often seen as the "pep rally" before the main event (The sermon).

Singers thinking that repetition makes a song more spiritual.

The ME centered-ness of some songs that are labeled "worship" songs.

9) Watching instrumentalists 'grimace musically' and seeing vocalists sing with a constipated expression on their face.

10) That everything seems to be in the key of A or E--and out of range for female worship leader voices!

Read the full list here.


  1. A fresh look at undiscovered artist like DIVINE TELEMETRY ?? http://www.esnips.com/doc/ce68ccd1-db8a-485a-8f55-1689e6ad745e/For-This-Moment

  2. You made some good points, but I feel you miss the main one. In point #8 you said "ME centered-ness" did you take a look at what you titled this blog "10 things I don't like about worship music." That sounds very "ME centered-ness" Not sure, but last time I checked none of us are GOD and if that is such the case then where do we have the right to judge the music that is sung to Him? Now, I was in this same spot. I am a full time tech and all I did was judge every person that stepped on my stage. It took me some real one on one with God to see that. It is not our place!! If every time you hear a worship song and all you can think about is one of your 10 things then you have made #8 "ME centered-ness" the replacement of God.

  3. I feel that my last comment sounded very attacking. That is not what I meant it to be. I just love God so much!! With love and encouragement - Jessie Taylor!!

  4. Okay! You make your own "worship music" bro... Don't touch other's worship. It's their. So, why not make your own.

  5. ahm... try listening Ron Kenoly's song in early 90's. :)

  6. Divine Telemetry actually does original music, with it's lead singer William Mark Jones taking lyrics to a different level. All their music is on youtube under Praise Worship Media