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Saturday 10 October 2009

Vicky Beeching Music - Above All Else By Vicky Beeching - Vicky Beeching Songs

In case you haven't heard of her, Vicky Beeching, originally from Canterbury in the UK, has written some fantastic worship songs over the years. I've just recently started following Vicky Beeching's blog and i'm enjoying it very much. She loves technology and says that she is always clutcing her iPhone, using it to Twitter, snap photos or to write a new blog post!

If you don't recognise the name Vicky Beeching (not Vicki Beeching as some people are typing it!) you'll certainly recognise some of her song titles if you've been around for a while. Somf here better known songs include:

- Above All Else
- The Wonder Of The Cross
- Yesterday, Today and Forever (Everlasting God)
- Awesome God (Your Voice Is, The Voice That)
- There's No One Like Our God

Vicky Beeching studied at Oxford university and during that time she trained under Brian Doerksen and Brenton Brown (while at Oxford Vineyard Church). She now lives in Nashville, Tennessee. I've really enjoyed listening to her album called Painting The Invisible as each song has a fresh feel to it.

Vicky seems like a really fun person to be around - check out this video of her in the studio :-)

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