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Monday 19 October 2009

10 Easy Tips To Get Yourself Recognised on Worship The Rock

When there are over 5,000 worship leaders in one online community it can be difficult to get yourself heard and recognised. How then is it possible to become a familiar face while not harassing anyone!

Here are 10 tips to help you get well known on WTR:

1) Write a blog a couple of times a week on something that worship leaders will be interested to read about.

2) Leave a comment (even if it's just a short comment) on other people's blogs. Aim to leave a comment a day.

3) Start a new discussion whenever you think of a new topic that people will be interested to discuss.

4) Upload your songs to your profile and tell your WTR friends to drop by your profile to have a listen to your favourite song.

5) Add a profile photo. This is so obvious that I wasn't going to mention it but I probably should! People can only recognise and remember you if they can associate your name with a picture - even if it's not a photo of yourself. For example it might be a sunset, a pet of yours or your guitar.

6) Add yourself to the WTR member map so people in your area can find you easily.

7) Welcome new members. This only takes about 1 minute per new member but is a great way of introducing yourself while making a new member feel welcome.

8) Join some groups and get involved with them. For example if you like songwriting then join the Songwriter's Circle and help people out by giving them constructive feedback on their songs.

9) Have a listen to member's songs and be sure to leave them a comment on their wall letting them know which of their songs you've listend to and why you like it.

10) Watch some videos on WTR and leave a comment so people know you've enjoyed their video.

Bonus Tip:

11) Get involved with other people's discussions in the WTR worship forum. These range from sharing your worship set lists to all sorts of fun as well as theological discussions.


  1. Sounds like a dumb question, but do you want to 'Get Yourself Recognised' in the first place?

    Sounds a little bit like self promotion for your own name's sake... which is quite the opposite to the Kingdom of God

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    You're quite right - we shouldn't be self promoting for the sake of it.

    This is more of a guide to getting involved with various aspects of WTR and a by-product of that will be that you will be recognised on WTR.

    It's helpful to have familiar faces that you can discuss things with or who you can ask questions to. If someone welcomes you when you join WTR and then you see them pop up in the blogs section and getting involved in discussions then you might find you have things in common and want to add them as a friend. You can then support each other online.

    In contrast, if you continually lurk and don't get involved then although you're definitely not promoting yourself you're also not getting involved in the community aspect of WTR.

    Hope that helps explain where i'm coming from with this blog post.