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Tuesday 15 September 2009

Top 10 Pieces Of Advice To Worship Pastors Going To A New Church

We all deal with change in different ways. Some love it, some don't mind it but most dislike it. Well how do you deal with changing jobs and churches at the same time? Have you ever had to do it? Possibly you are changing worship pastor positions right now and are having to deal with some of these issues right now.

Rich Kirkpatrick has compiled a top 10 list where he gives out 10 pieces of advice to worship pastors taking up a new role in a new church.

A few of my favourites from his list are:

be yourself: you have to know what you are good at and not good at and leverage the good and expose your weaknesses. You have to school your new place of service in who you really are, but if you do not know that yet you could be handicapped. If you are younger, well you are. Be happy about that and look the other way when people sour because they are no longer young like you are.

speak the culture: learn the lingo and adopt it immediately and be careful about comparing to past places of service or other churches you have read about, etc. Do it, but with caution.

be an apprentice: find a mentor, or two or three and keep asking questions. You will not get answers. Most likely the good mentors will ask you questions and make you solve your issues. But, they know what to ask. A mentor is not someone who is perfect, but has the luxury of pointing to the results of both good and bad choices you might make. Making mistakes makes you an expert, right?

I like this idea of mentoring - it can be really valuable to spend time with people who have walked a similar path to us and can lead us both by example but also by encouraging us beyond where they have been.

I encourage you to read the full list here.

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