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Saturday, 19 September 2009

Free Christian Sheet Music - Free Sheet Music and Christian Worship Guitar Tabs

People are always looking for free stuff on the internet, and that includes Christians! (and Worship Leaders!) I've compiled a list of places that you can browse and download free christian sheet music from. Often chord sheets and guitar tabs are available to download for free as well, and sometimes even the MP3s to go with the sheet music. I've only included sheet music for Christian songs. (I expect you can download other non christian free sheet music from lots of other websites too).

I'd like to add that this list of websites offering free christian sheet music is not comprehensive and I will try to keep it regularly updated with other free christian sheet music sites that are suggested to me. (Just leave a comment on this blog if you know of other webpages offering free sheet music for christian songs).

Free Christian Sheet Music & Guitar Tabs

#1 Favourite:

RESOUNDworship - Free UK Worship Songs by British based worship leaders. Download Lyric sheets, chord charts, lead sheets and MP3s, absolutely free.

Other Free Sheet Music & Guitar Tabs:

ChristianGuitar.org - Thousands of christian guitar tabs.

Christian Music 4 Praise and Worship - They claim to offer the largest collection of free christian music on web. Songs have a range of the following available to download: sheet music, chord charts, lyrics and MP3s.

Cantorion - free sheet music, good for Christmas Carols and classical.

Free Worship Charts - Loads of free chord sheets, regularly updated.

Worship Archive - Free worship guitar tabs.

If you know of anymore useful sites offering either free christian sheet music or free christian worship guitar tabs please leave a comment below - thanks!


  1. Hi, you can also get free sheet music from www.aloudervoice.com



  2. thank 4 e info. I like it very much.

  3. We are planning to hold a mini-concert come Christmas and I am the guitarist and I need some new stuff for that. Thanks for sharing this information. This is going to help a lot!

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  5. I am looking for the piano music sheet of each one reach one... please help. thanks

  6. Nowadays there are several online sites available where you can download free sheet music as well, one of them is Musicforte.com - Decide what type of music you would like to play. Free sheet music is available for many Christmas, choral, classical, pop and rock songs, and you can search for a particular song or for a genre. Play and perform, enjoy the whole moment.

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  8. I will try musicforte.com, but every site I've tried so far, has a catch and there is some charge. I really need to download pjjiano sheet music from pages of volume one and two of the celebration hymnal by McCrimmons, does anyone know of a site that would have pages of this music?

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