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Wednesday 9 September 2009

101 Worship Leader Myths

This fun list came out of a discussion on Worship The Rock and was intended to be a 'Top 10' list. We got so many good responses that we've turned it into a 101 list!

1. If I don't know the song I can't worship!
2. A Chris Tomlin song has to be played every Sunday otherwise worship does not happen.
3. Taylor Guitars are the only guitars endorsed by God for true worship.
4. If the tempo is dragging or rushing, it's ALWAYS the drummer's fault.
5. Songs need to be slow to create an atmosphere of worship.
6. You should always talk and adlib as much as possible, because everyone knows that you can't usher in the presence of God by just being quiet and obedient.
7. That worship music is a specific "genre".
8. Being a great musician probably makes you a great Worship Leader.
9. Being a great singer means you are a great worship leader.
10. Worship Leaders spend their days sitting in their office strumming a Taylor and communing with God.
11. The lyrics are so inspiring, they'll sing along even if they don't like the music.
12. You're lazy if your worship is spontaneous.
13. Worship leaders only work about 10 hours a week.
14. Worship leaders only need to show up on Sunday morning, everything else can be delegated.
15. It's all about "THE MUSIC"!
16. You're not truly worshipping if you don't stand still, wear a tight suit, sing from a hymn book at an octave too high to be comfortable.
17. Worship leaders have an extensive background of religion and music training.
18. If the Words are on a screen, more people will sing!
19. All of us need to play all of the time or the worship stops!
20. Everyone in the congregation listens to the local Christian radio station, so we have to play the songs that are popular on that station right now.
21. It takes perfect people performing perfectly to lead others into Father's presence.
22. "Praise" = fast music, "Worship" = slow music.
23. True worship can only be attained using skilled professional musicians and vocalists who rarely make mistakes.
24. If the devil is in the church, he's in the sound system.
25. It's always easier when the Senior Pastor suggests songs.
26. That each worship song has to last at least ten minutes.
27. If you don't repeat the same lyrics 150 times the congregation just won't get the message.
28. Matching Clothes, Matching Smiles, Matching Movements Helps the congregation Enter in to WORSHIP and lends to a better 'Atmosphere'.
29. You have to start with fast lively "praise" music and bring it down to slower "worship" music to get everyone in the mood for the sermon.
30. Distorted guitars have no place in the church.
31. Neither do drummers.
32. Guitars need to be loud to 'feel right'.
33. If you remind the singers nicely about not pointing their mics at the monitors, they'll actually pay attention.
34. If you request that the mic stands go away, since the words are on the enormous screen on the back wall, the singers will actually pay attention.
35. Talking into a mic is a good enough way to check your levels.
36. Every song has to have a blazing guitar solo for the 'emotional impact'.
37. The music *written* is the ONLY way to sing a song.
38. Bass guitar has to be 'static' and just thump out the root of the chords.
39. Bass guitar has to walk all over every song, no matter how much of a detractor it is to the worship experience.
40. Your team must all stand in place.
41. When you raise your hands to God in praise, you are doing it because it's written in the music.
42. You can please all your parishioners.
43. Translating Western Hymn books is how we teach developing world converts how to worship.
44. We need a worship band to lead worship.
45. It is not worship if we do not have music.
46. "I can't worship to THAT music."
47. Only hymns are anointed.
48. Only modern music is anointed.
49. Hymns are only anointed if they are "modernized."
50. Leading worship is easy to pick up.
51. You have to play an instrument to lead worship.
52. It's a part time ministry and you have loads of spare time.
53. It's somehow superior to other ministries.
54. All worship leaders know what their doing.
55. if we make a mistake in the middle of worship, we just kill the anointing right then and there, and might as well go home.
56. Worship leading is not a gift; anyone with a guitar(keyboard) can do it.
57. Worship leaders do not need to be paid; they can live off their love of music.
58. Times of worship are not as important at the sermon; a token song or two will suffice.
59. I'm singing a song from my heart to God into a microphone, therefore it's okay that I suck.
60. Worship depends on how I (the leader) am feeling.
61. All singers (usually 3-4) must always just the melody line to get people to sing along.
62. All singers must find a harmony part to compliment the lead singer in the song
63. God only likes music in G-shape.
64. Every single vocalist needs to be heard from the back of the room, loud and clear.
65. Professional worship leaders (recording artists) are best qualified to teach us about or write books about how to lead worship.
66. Worship just happens!
67. Worship is secondary to good preaching.
68. Hours must be spent in preparation.
69. Good worship leaders are born not made.
70. The worship of traditional denominations is dead.
71. Contemporary rock worship is of the devil.
72. Only men can lead worship.
73. Before Christ no one worshiped the living God.
74. True worshippers are most expressive.
75. There has to be music to have worship.
76. You have to be a good singer to be a good worship leader.
77. Tone=Volume.
78. If you use an amp your priorities are wrong.
79. Anyone can walk into practice and perform with the team the following Sunday.
80. You can always use more singers.
81. Anyone who can sing can lead worship.
82. Worship leaders only listen to worship music.
83. Speeding up the tempo makes the song better.
84. Playing power chords and "chugging" make a song more modern.
85. A Bass Player cannot lead Worship.
86. Any anointed female lead worship singer has to be blond, gorgeous and has bluebirds tweeting about her head when she sings.
87. Worship has to be vocal music - the instruments are just accompaniment.
88. Worship begins when the music starts and ends when the music stops.
89. The worship band has to play the music exactly as it is on CD (even if that means trying to emulate a 100 piece orchestra) or the song cannot be used.
90. Leading Worship (or being in the worship band) means I get to play all my favorite songs!
91. All worship leaders have to play guitar and sing lead (usually acoustic guitar) or maybe keys.
92. Guitarists are cheating if they use a capo.
93. Worship leaders must always have their eyes closed.
94. Worship leaders must always have their eyes open.
95. Your worship team practices as much as you do.
96. Everyone in the team can transpose in their head.
97. You can’t be in the worship team if you’re over 60.
98. You can’t be in the worship team if you’re under 16.
99. If a song works well in practice it will work well during the service.
100. Worship leaders love being spontaneously asked to play specific songs during the service.
101. It was the sound guy's fault - oh wait, that one's true!

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  1. Nice list. Lots of humour and a healthy dollop of truth. It shows you have a very honest view of what does constitute worship.

  2. Hi Nigel - thanks for the comment. Most of them were written by Worship The Rock members and I agree with you that I think they show that WTR members do have a good idea of what true worship is.



  3. michael.demarest@gmail.com14 September 2009 at 19:36

    Uhh . . . I counted only 93 myths.



  5. I laughed so hard at this list. it is so funny. Naomi

  6. haha I love #89. Why do we try to copy the original recording? We might as well just play the CD!!!

    Let's release something fresh...